Pentacam anterior chamber parameters in young and middle-aged Chinese

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Background: The aim was to compare the anterior segment of two groups of Chinese using the Pentacam system. Methods: Fifty young (median age 21years) and 50 middle-aged (median age 46years) subjects with equal numbers of males and females had their axial length measured with the IOL Master. Their axial anterior chamber depth, anterior chamber volume and temporal and nasal anterior chamber angles were measured using the Pentacam and comparisons were made between the two groups. Results: Both groups shared similar axial lengths (unpaired t-test: p = 0.37) but young subjects had significantly deeper anterior chamber by 11 per cent (3.60 ± 0.40mm) compared with middle-aged subjects (3.24 ± 0.34mm) (analysis of variance: p < 0.001). The anterior chamber volume was significantly greater in young subjects by 24 per cent (200.12 ± 35.59mm3) than the middle-aged subjects (161.03 ± 37.79mm3). The associations of anterior chamber depth and anterior chamber volume with axial length were significant (R2from 0.16 to 0.50) and similar in both groups. Young subjects had wider anterior chamber angles (mean differences: 4.60° and 6.07° at temporal and nasal, respectively) than middle-aged subjects. Among middle-aged subjects, females had significantly shorter axial length but anterior chamber depths were similar between the two sexes. Females had significantly smaller anterior chamber volumes. Conclusions: Middle-aged subjects had more crowded anterior chambers than young subjects with similar axial lengths. Anterior chamber volume may be a more sensitive parameter to reveal this difference than a linear measurement of the anterior chamber depth. Clinical and Experimental Optometry
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