Panchromatic Sensitization with Zn II Porphyrin-Based Photosensitizers for Light-Driven Hydrogen Production

Po Yu Ho, Michael F. Mark, Yi Wang, Sze Chun Yiu, Wai Hong Yu, Cheuk Lam Ho, David W. McCamant, Richard Eisenberg, Shuping Huang

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Three molecular photosensitizers (PSs) with carboxylic acid anchors for attachment to platinized titanium dioxide nanoparticles were studied for light-driven hydrogen production from a fully aqueous medium with ascorbic acid (AA) as the sacrificial electron donor. Two zinc(II) porphyrin (ZnP)-based PSs were used to examine the effect of panchromatic sensitization on the photocatalytic H 2 generation. A dyad molecular design was used to construct a difluoro boron-dipyrromethene (bodipy)-conjugated ZnP PS (ZnP-dyad), whereas the other one featured an electron-donating diarylamino moiety (YD2-o-C8). To probe the use of the ZnP scaffold in this particular energy conversion process, an organic PS without the ZnP moiety (Bodipy-dye) was also synthesized for comparison. Ultrafast transient absorption spectroscopy was adopted to map out the energy transfer processes occurring in the dyad and to establish the bodipy-based antenna effect. In particular, the systems with YD2-o-C8 and ZnP-dyad achieved a remarkable initial activity for the production of H 2 with an initial turnover frequency (TOF i ) higher than 300 h −1 under white light irradiation. The use of ZnP PSs in dye-sensitized photocatalysis for the H 2 evolution reaction in this study indicated the importance of the panchromatic sensitization capability for the development of light absorbing PSs.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2517-2528
Number of pages12
Issue number15
Publication statusPublished - 9 Aug 2018


  • hydrogen production
  • photocatalysis
  • photosensitizer
  • transient absorption
  • Zn porphyrin

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