Optimum sizing of PV/Wind hybrid system (I) CAD method

B. Ai, Hongxing Yang, H. Shen, X. Liao

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给出了一整套利用CAD进行风光互补发电系统优化设计的方法。为了精确确定系统每小时的运行状态,采用了更精确地表征组件特性及评估实际获得的风光资源的数学模型。为了寻找出以最小设备投资成本满足用户用电要求的系统配置,首先在风力发电机容量固定不变的前提下,计算了与该容量风力发电机匹配的不同容量的PV方阵和蓄电池所组成的风/光/蓄组合的全年功率供给亏欠率LPSP,根据总的设备投资成本最小化的原则筛选出一组与该容量风力发电机对应的满足用户给定系统供电可靠性即LPSP值的风/光/蓄组合;然后通过改变风力发电机的容量,优选出多个与不同容量风力发电机对应的既能满足用户用电要求同时总的设备购置成本又是最低的风/光/蓄组合,比较它们的成本最终唯一确定出以最小投资成本满足用户用电要求的优化的系统配置。||A complete set of match calculation method for optimum sizing of a PV/wind hybrid system was presented.The hourly performance of a PV/wind hybrid system was determined accurately,more accurate mathematic models for characterizing PV module,wind generator and battery as well as models for the estimating the available natural resources are adopted;in order to find the optimized configuration which meets the energy demand with the minimum cost,firstly the whole year’s LPSP (the Loss of Power Supply Probability) values of PV/wind hybrid systems with a certain capacity of the wind generator and various capacities of PV arrays and battery banks were calculated,one optimized PV/wind/battery combination corresponding to the certain capacity of the wind generator which can meet the user’s demand on power supply reliability was selected;then several optimized PV/wind/battery combinations corresponding to various capacities of wind generators can be determined similarly by changing the capacity of the wind generator,by comparing the total equipment costs of them the optimum configuration which meets the energy demand with the minimum cost can be uniquely determined finally.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)540-547
Number of pages8
Journal太阳能学报 (Acta energiae solaris sinica)
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2003


  • PV/wind hybrid system
  • Optimum sizing
  • CAD method

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