On Englishization of Chinese morphology

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本文采用历史语言学和社会语言学的理 论和分析方法,就英语借词对现代汉语词法——词缀化和拉丁字母化——的影响,及其引起这两种词法变化和发展的共性和规限,做了进一步的研究、分析和假设。 文章通过论证指出,汉语的词缀化并不是英语词缀借用的带动,英语借词只是为现代汉语提供了一些新的词缀。文章还指出:拉丁字母词的使用领域、使用功能、活 用能力、以及是否表示语法意义都是判断现代汉语拉丁字母化趋势的有效标准。 ||Integrating the advances and methods in historical linguistics and socio-linguistics, the study re-examines two major issues of Englishization on Chinese morphology - affixation and latinization. It points out that affixation is the natural process of grammaticalization in Chinese and is thus not necessarily driven by borrowing from English. It also suggests that evaluating the tendency of latinization in Chinese morphology should involve an explanation of the use of Latin/English letters in different domains, in diverse language functions, and in possibly being a grammatical morpheme in Chinese. 
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)81-89, 157
Number of pages9
Journal当代语言学 (Contemporary linguistics)
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2001

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