Numerical studies on the microclimate around a sleeping person and the related thermal neutrality issues

D. Pan, Ming Yin Jonathan Chan, Shiming Deng, L. Xia, X. Xu

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This article reports on two numerical studies on the microclimate around, and the thermal neutrality of, a sleeping person in a space installed with a displacement ventilation system. The development of a sleeping computational thermal manikin (SCTM) placed in a space air-conditioned by a displacement ventilation system is first described. This is followed by reporting the results of the first numerical study on the microclimate around the SCTM, including air temperature and velocity distributions and the heat transfer characteristics. Then the outcomes of the other numerical study on the thermal neutrality of a sleeping person are presented, including the thermal neutrality for a naked sleeping person and the effects of the total insulation value of a bedding system on the thermal neutrality of a sleeping person. Statement of relevance: The thermal environment would greatly affect the sleep quality of human beings. Through developing a SCTM, the microclimate around a sleeping person has been numerically studied. The thermal neutral environment may then be predicted and contributions to improved sleep quality may be made.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1088-1100
Number of pages13
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2011


  • Microclimate
  • Sleeping computational thermal manikin
  • Sleeping environment
  • Thermal neutrality
  • Total insulation value of a bedding system

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