Numerical Simulation on Non-Darcy Flow in a Single Rock Fracture Domain Inverted by Digital Images

Jianli Shao, Qi Zhang, Wenbin Sun, Zaiyong Wang, Xianxiang Zhu

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The influence of rock seepage must be considered in geotechnical engineering, and understanding the fluid flow in rock fractures is of great concern in the seepage effect investigation. This study is aimed at developing a model for inversion of rock fracture domains based on digital images and further study of non-Darcy flow. The visualization model of single rock fracture domain is realized by digital images, which is further used in flow numerical simulation. We further discuss the influence of fracture domain geometry on non-Darcy flow. The results show that it is feasible to study non-Darcy flow in rock fracture domains by inversion based on digital images. In addition, as the joint roughness coefficient (JRC) increases or the fracture aperture decreases, distortion of the fluid flow path increases, and the pressure gradient loss caused by the inertial force increases. Both coefficients of the Forchheimer equation decrease with increasing fracture aperture and increase with increasing JRC. Meanwhile, the critical Reynolds number tends to decrease when JRC increases or the fracture aperture decreases, indicating that the fluid tends to non-Darcy flow. This work provides a reference for the study of non-Darcy flow through rock fractures.

Original languageEnglish
Article number8814327
Publication statusPublished - 2020
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