Neutral temperature in subtropical climates-A field survey in air-conditioned offices

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The thermal environment for air-conditioned offices in subtropical climates is examined from the prospect of maintaining an optimum operative temperature for the occupants. In this study, the optimum neutral temperature is evaluated from 422 occupants' responses towards the perceiving thermal environment in 61 air-conditioned offices and 186 complaints of thermal discomfort in an air-conditioned office building on an electronic questionnaire, using a semantic differential evaluation scale and a dichotomous assessment scale. In particular, physical parameters for the thermal comfort study were measured by an indoor environmental quality (IEQ) logger, and the operative temperature was correlated with the occupants' thermal responses. The probability of accepting an operative temperature for the thermal comfort of the occupants was correlated with logistic regression curves; the optimum operative temperature was derived in order to maximize the probability of thermal comfort expressed by the occupants. The results showed that the thermal neutral temperatures for air-conditioned offices in subtropical climates were 23.6 and 21.4 °C in summer and winter, respectively. The preferred thermal environment in Hong Kong should be slightly cool, corresponding to about 1 °C below the neutral temperature, in order to satisfy most of the occupants in the office space.
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  • Air-conditioned office
  • Field survey
  • Neutral temperature
  • Office occupant response
  • Thermal comfort

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