MX03 Miaoxia Garden and Square

Peter Hasdell, Jze Yi Kuo

Research output: Creative and literary works / consulting reports / case studiesEngineering, architectural, graphic designsAcademic research


As an integrated part of Miaoxia guesthouse and community waste treatment system, the guesthouse garden uses the treated nutrient rich wastewater to irrigate an adjacent garden, which will be later planted with fruit trees. The garden was designed and constructed in by Tan Ming with the Miaoxia community participation. Irrigation systems, planter beds, seating and paved areas allow foe guesthouse residents and villagers to use daily. An adjoining square was paved by service-learning students from 4 different areas of Asia working un collaborating with villagers.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2018


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