Multi-port voltage-subtracting circuit based on resonant switched-capacitor

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This study presents a novel multi-port power convert circuit. In order to facilitate description, the circuit is introduced as a multi-input voltage-subtracting converter. The multiple input sources are shared on a common neutral, and the output voltage is the subtraction operation of the multiple inputs. The converter is only composed by switches, diodes, capacitors and small resonant inductor. All switches only need a pair of complementary fixed frequency pulse signal with fixed duty ratio to control. The detailed circuit analysis of three-input voltage-subtracting circuits, the structure variation and characteristics of multi-input voltage-subtracting converter are summarised in the study. First, the basic switching-capacitor cell of this converter is presented; the converters with different input sources therefore can be easily designed. The small resonant inductors are used to facilitate zero-current switching, and their sizes therefore are very small and do not affect the size of circuit. At the end of this study, an energy distribution system and a multi-colour light modulation circuit based on this circuit are presented.
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