Modeling the telephone call network

Wai M. Tam, Chung Ming Lau, Chi Kong Tse

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It is natural to envisage that in a telephone network, some telephone numbers originate or receive more calls than others. Indeed, real-life data have verified the conjecture that the number of calls originated from or received by a telephone number in a network has a power-law property. Further, the number of calls made or received by the same telephone number can be very different. In this paper, we construct a self-growing complex network for modeling the aforementioned telephone call network. The complex network obtained is a directed and weighted network. Moreover, the nodes (telephone numbers) of the network exhibit power-law properties in the following aspects: total-degree, out-degree, in-degree, total-strength, out-strength and in-strength.
Original languageEnglish
Article number4252669
Pages (from-to)453-456
Number of pages4
JournalProceedings - IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems
Publication statusPublished - 27 Sept 2007
Event2007 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, ISCAS 2007 - New Orleans, LA, United States
Duration: 27 May 200730 May 2007

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