Modeling and dynamic analysis of accessory drive systems with integrated starter generator for micro-hybrid vehicles

Xiao Feng, Wen Bin Shangguan, Jianxiang Deng, Xingjian Jing

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Belt-driven integrated starter generator system is a hybrid transmission that resembles the conventional serpentine belt-driven system. The system contains an integrated starter generator that performs a “start-stop” function on the engine. A two-pulley tensioner mechanism is attached to the integrated starter generator to maintain belt tension. The objectives of this paper are to develop modeling and calculation methods for estimating the performances of the belt-driven integrated starter generator system and to investigate the influence of damping of the two-pulley tensioner on vibration and shock. A systematic modeling and analysis method is proposed. The modeling method for the two-pulley tensioner is distinguished from any existing studies, which are generic for modeling the tensioner in belt-driven integrated starter generator systems with different layouts. A typical belt-driven integrated starter generator system is presented and a model is established to predict the dynamic response of rotational vibrations of pulleys, tensioner motions, and tension fluctuations. A parametric analysis is conducted to evaluate the two-pulley tensioner parameters with respect to their impact on the performances of the belt-driven integrated starter generator system.


  • Belt-driven
  • integrated starter generator
  • micro-hybrid
  • modeling and analysis
  • two-pulley tensioner
  • vibration

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  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

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