Mobile commerce integrated with RFID technology in a container depot

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In this paper, we present the findings of a case study on the development of a radio frequency identification (RFID) prototype system that is integrated with mobile commerce (m-commerce) in a container depot. A system architecture capable of integrating mobile commerce and RFID applications is proposed. The system architecture is examined and explained in the context of the case study. The aims of the system are to (i) keep track of the locations of stackers and containers, (ii) provide greater visibility of the operations data, and (iii) improve the control processes. The case study illustrates the benefits and advantages of using an RFID system, particularly its support of m-commerce activities in the container depot, and describes some of the most important problems and issues. Finally, several research issues and directions of RFID applications in container depots are presented and discussed.
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  • Case study
  • Container depot
  • M-commerce
  • RFID

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