Micro-vibration suppression of equipment supported on a floor incorporating magneto-rheological elastomer core

Yiqing Ni, Z. G. Ying, Z. H. Chen

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In this study, magneto-rheological elastomers (MREs) are adopted to construct a smart sandwich beam for micro-vibration control of equipment. The micro-vibration response of a smart sandwich beam with MRE core which supports mass-concentrated equipment under stochastic support-motion excitations is investigated to evaluate the vibration suppression capability. The dynamic behavior of MREs as a smart viscoelastic material is characterized by a complex modulus dependent on vibration frequency and controllable by external magnetic fields. A frequency-domain solution method for the stochastic micro-vibration response of the smart sandwich beam supporting mass-concentrated equipment is developed based on the Galerkin method and random vibration theory. First, the displacements of the beam are expanded as series of spatial harmonic functions and the Galerkin method is applied to convert the partial differential equations of motion into ordinary differential equations. With these equations, the frequency-response function matrix of the beammass system and the expression of the velocity response spectrum are then obtained, with which the root-mean-square (rms) velocity response in terms of the one-third octave frequency band can be calculated. Finally, the optimization problem of the complex modulus of the MRE core is defined by minimizing the velocity response spectrum and the rms velocity response of the sandwich beam, through altering the applied magnetic fields. Numerical results are given to illustrate the influence of MRE parameters on the rms velocity response and the response reduction capacity of the smart sandwich beam. The proposed method is also applicable to response analysis of a sandwich beam with arbitrary core characterized by a complex shear modulus and subject to arbitrary stochastic excitations described by a power spectral density function, and is valid for a wide frequency range.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4369-4383
Number of pages15
JournalJournal of Sound and Vibration
Issue number18-19
Publication statusPublished - 29 Aug 2011

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