Meridional Anisotropy of Foveal and Peripheral Resolution Acuity in Adults With Emmetropia, Myopia, and Astigmatism

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PURPOSE. To quantify astigmatism-related meridional anisotropy in visual resolution at central, nasal, and inferior visual fields. METHODS. Three groups of young adults (range, 18–30 years) with corrected-to-normal visual acuity (logMAR 0) were recruited: (1) myopic astigmats (MA): spherical-equivalent error (SE) < −0.75D, with-the-rule astigmatism ≥ 2.00D, n = 19; (2) simple myopes (SM): SE < −0.75D, astigmatism ≤ 0.50D, n = 20; and (3) emmetropes (EM): SE ± 0.50D, astigmatism ≤ 0.50D, n = 14. Resolution acuity was measured for the horizontal and vertical gratings at central and peripheral visual fields (eccentricity: 15°) using a 3-down 1-up staircase paradigm. On- and off-axis refractive errors were corrected by ophthalmic lenses. RESULTS. The MA group exhibited meridional anisotropy preferring vertical gratings. At the central field, the MA group had better resolution acuity for vertical than horizontal gratings, and their resolution acuity for horizontal gratings was significantly worse than the SM and EM groups. At peripheral visual fields, both the SM and EM groups showed better resolution acuity for the radial (i.e., nasal field: horizontal gratings; inferior field: vertical gratings) than tangential orientation. However, the MA group tended to have better resolution acuity for the tangential orientation (i.e., vertical gratings), and their resolution acuity for horizontal gratings was significantly lower than the SM and EM groups at the nasal field. No significant differences were found in the inferior field among the three groups. CONCLUSIONS. This study provided evidence of astigmatism-related meridional anisotropy at the fovea and nasal visual fields, underscoring the significant impact of astigmatism on orientation-dependent visual functions.

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  • Astigmatism
  • Meridional anisotropy
  • Peripheral vision

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