Magnetic-aided electrospark deposition

Jiang Wen Liu (Inventor), Tai Man Yue (Inventor), Zhichao Liu (Inventor)

Research output: Patents, agreements, assignments and companiesPatents granted


A new electrospark deposition (ESD) method and related system are provided in the present invention based on the use of a magnetized electrode, namely magnetic-aided ESD (M-ESD). In particular, the present invention uses a magnetized electrode (either magnetized by an electro-magnet or being a permanent magnet) to attract fine coating powders at the tip thereof which acts as a soft brush to coat on intricate surface profiles. Accordingly, the method of the present invention is able to provide a soft contact between the magnetized anode and the workpiece to be coated or manipulated. The present invention is useful in various surface engineering applications in the fields of aeronautical (e.g. restoration and repair of damaged aircraft turbine blades), nuclear reactors, military engineering, and in medical industries. As compared to conventional ESD, the present invention can address complicated surface geometries and internal surfaces while the cost can be significantly lowered by using inexpensive components and simplified method steps.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS10610950
IPC B23K9/04
Filing date20/04/16
Publication statusPublished - 7 Apr 2020

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