Luminescence studies of BaAl2O4 films doped with Tm, Tb, and Eu

Zhidong Lou, Jianhua Hao, Michael Cocivera

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Thin films of barium aluminate (BaAl2O4) doped separately with thulium, terbium, and europium were deposited by a spray pyrolysis method. The effects of preparation conditions on the structural and luminescence properties of the films were investigated. Polycrystalline BaAl2O4films were formed at an annealing temperature above 700°C. Tm3+and Tb3+-doped films deposited on glass emitted blue and green light, respectively. While in the films doped with europium, both red emission lines from Eu3+and a broad blue or blue-green emission band from Eu2+were observed. The BaAl2O4: Tm3+film had the main wavelength at 462 nm, and the highest cathodoluminescence (CL) luminance and efficiency at 5 kV and 57 μA cm-2were 25 cd m-2and 0.11 lm W-1, respectively. For the BaAl2O4: Tb3+film with the main wavelength at 549 nm, the highest CL luminance and efficiency at the same condition were 120 cd m-2and 0.55 lm W-1, respectively. A luminance of 50 cd m-2and efficiency of 0.23 lm W-1were obtained for red emission at 616 nm of the BaAl2O4: Eu3+film grown on glass. Bright blue emission peaking at 452 nm was obtained in the BaAl2O4: Eu2+film grown on an alumosilicate ceramic plate and annealed in N2: H2(95 : 5) at 1100°C. Its luminance and efficiency were 640 cd m-2and 2.93 lm W-1, respectively.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2841-2845
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics
Issue number21
Publication statusPublished - 7 Nov 2002
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