Kinetic-Oriented Construction of MoS2 Synergistic Interface to Boost pH-Universal Hydrogen Evolution

Jue Hu, Chengxu Zhang, Peng Yang, Jingyi Xiao, Tao Deng, Zhiyong Liu, Bolong Huang, Michael K.H. Leung, Shihe Yang

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As a prerequisite for a sustainable energy economy in the future, designing earth-abundant MoS2 catalysts with a comparable hydrogen evolution catalytic performance in both acidic and alkaline environments is still an urgent challenge. Decreasing the energy barriers could enhance the catalysts' activity but is not often a strategy for doing so. Here, the first kinetic-oriented design of the MoS2-based heterostructure is presented for pH-universal hydrogen evolution catalysis by optimizing the electronic structure based on the simultaneous modulation of the 3d-band-offsets of Ni, Co, and Mo near the interface. Benefiting from this desirable electronic structure, the obtained MoS2/CoNi2S4 catalyst achieves an ultralow overpotential of 78 and 81 mV at 10 mA cm−2, and turnover frequency as high as 2.7 and 1.7 s−1 at the overpotential of 200 mV in alkaline and acidic media, respectively. The MoS2/CoNi2S4 catalyst represents one of the best hydrogen evolution reaction performing ones among MoS2-based catalysts reported to date in both alkaline and acidic environments, and equally important is the remarkable long-term stability with negligible activity loss after maintaining at 10 mA cm−2 for 48 h in both acid and base. This work highlights the potential to deeply understand and rationally design highly efficient pH-universal electrocatalysts for future energy storage and delivery.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1908520
JournalAdvanced Functional Materials
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 9 Dec 2019


  • hydrogen evolution
  • interfacial electrocatalysis
  • kinetic-oriented mechanism
  • MoS
  • pH-universal

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