Investigation of a multiwavelength erbium-doped fiber laser employing a nonlinear high-birefringence fiber loop mirror

Xinhuan Feng, Ping Kong Alexander Wai, Chao Lu, Hwa Yaw Tam, Jie Li, Bai Ou Guan

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A room-temperature multiwavelength erbium-doped fiber laser (EDFL) based on a nonlinear high-birefringence fiber loop mirror (HiBi-FLM) is proposed and demonstrated. The nonlinear HiBi-FLM can induce not only wavelength-dependent loss (WDL) but also intensity-dependent loss (IDL). WDL and IDL can effectively suppress the mode competition caused by homogeneous gain broadening of the erbium-doped fiber (EDF), and ensure stable and uniform power distribution over wavelengths. As a result, up to 50-wavelength lasing operations with wavelength spacing of 0.8 nm, and more than 100-wavelength operations with wavelength spacing of 0.14 nm are achieved. The power distribution over the wavelengths is uniform, and the power fluctuation in each wavelength is smaller than 0.2 dB.
Original languageEnglish
Article number074202
JournalOptical Engineering
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2010


  • high-birefringence fiber loop mirror
  • intensity-dependent loss
  • multiwavelength erbium-doped fiber laser
  • wavelength-dependent loss

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