Intellectual Trends in the Fifteenth Century

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The study presents in broad terms a balanced view in the context of 15th-century history. From the works of well-known scholar-officials of the time it shows that Neo-Confucianism was manifested equally strong in its philosophical and practical aspects. There was as much interest in the active application of knowledge as there was in philosophical reflection. Leading contemporary figures discussed for the thesis include Qiu Jun (1421-1495), Wu Yubi (1391-1469), Zhou Hongmo (1420-1492) , etc.
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JournalMing studies
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1989


  • 15th-century Chinese thought
  • Ming Confucianism
  • Ch'iu Chün/Qiu Jun (1421-1495)
  • Ta-hsüeh yen-i pu / Daxue Yanyi bu

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