Integration of multiple culture of globalization and brand communication —taking the design of the advertising appeals of automobile brands

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探析当今中国品牌广告创意设计中所出现的本土化与全球化的融合模式,研究分析样本来自2004-2005年分别代表中国地方企业、合资企业和外国企业的110个汽车品牌广告,研究框架包括价值观使用、语言选择和视觉效用三个方面;通过对三个构成广告主要诉求策略的分析研究考察广告中全球化与本土化的融合模式情况;认为在当代中国出现在广告以及其他形式的品牌塑造和传播中的多元文化整合现象很值得进一步研究和探讨,产业的全球化与地方化使文化整合(hybridization)成为文化生产的一个趋势,无论是外来品牌进入中国,还是中国品牌走向世界,都需要经过一个"去文化化"与"再文化化"的整合过程。||The paper explores the mode of the blending of localization and globalization in the advertising creative design of current Chinese brands. The samples come from 110 advertisements of automobile brands over the 2004-2005 period representing Chinese local enterprises,joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises respectively. The study framework encompasses three aspects like value utilization,language selection and visual effects. By analyzing of the strategy forming the three claims of the advertisements,the mode of the blending of localization and globalization in advertisement was investigated,holding that in contemporary China,it is worth making further study and exploration of the multi-cultural integration of advertisements and brand building and communication in other forms. The globalization and localization of industries enable the cultural hybridization to become a tendency of cultural production. In the period of whether the foreign brands enter into China,or Chinese brands go to the world,there must be an integration process of de-culturalization" and re-culturalization.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)57-62
Number of pages6
Journal西安交通大学学报. 社会科学版 (Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University. Social science)
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • Brand building
  • Multi-cultural integration
  • Advertising appeal strategy
  • Advertisement

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