Integral formulas for transformation of potential field parameters in geosciences

Pavel Novák, Michal Šprlák, Robert Tenzer, Martin Pitoňák

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By the potential field parameters we understand the potential and its gradients (potential gradients) up to the third order. In particular, integral equations defined for a spherical boundary transforming potential gradients of different orders and continuing potential gradients of the same order through the 3-D space are reviewed and classified. This mathematical apparatus can be used for any harmonic potential, such as electric, magnetic or gravitational, under the assumption of its conservativeness, i.e., neglecting possible temporal variations. Integral transforms are discussed in context of geoscience applications, namely in terms of the Earth's gravitational field; however, the article can serve as a general reference for integral transforms of potential field parameters in any scientific or engineering area where potential fields are used.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)208-231
Number of pages24
JournalEarth-Science Reviews
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2017
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  • Boundary-value problem
  • Continuation
  • Curvature
  • Gradient
  • Gravitational field
  • Integral equation
  • Kernel function
  • Potential field
  • Transform

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