Indoor environment & air pollutant exposure in residential buildings of Hong Kong

E. Tu, Chi Kwan Chau, W.T.D. Chan, J. Burnett

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对选定的 14间香港住宅的PM10、CO、NO2 等主要室内污染物浓度进行监测 ,通过建立多元线性回归模型 ,分析了室内、外PM10浓度与居民室内各种活动等其它有关因素之间的相关关系 .结合香港居民日常时间安排调查的结果 ,计算出各种室内污染物的暴露量 ,对住宅室内环境污染对居民健康的影响进行了初步评估 ,提出了改善住宅室内环境的一些建议。||Hong Kong people spend most of their daily time in various indoor environments, especially in their dwellings located in high rise buildings. Since then, the indoor air quality of residential buildings may deeply influence the health of Hong Kong people. In this research project, some major indoor air pollutants, such as PM10, CO, NO 2, were monitored in 14 dwelling flats. The relationships among indoor PM10 concentration and outdoor PM10 concentration, occupant’s activities were analyzed through a multiple regression model. Combining with the result of time budget survey, the dwelling indoor exposures of various pollutants were calculated for the estimation of health effect to Hong Kong population.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)476-482
Number of pages7
Journal环境科学学报 (Acta Scientiae Circumstantiae)
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2003


  • PM10
  • CO
  • NO2
  • Pollutant exposure
  • Residential premises
  • Indoor environment

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  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Engineering

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