In Situ Electrospun Zein/Thyme Essential Oil-Based Membranes as an Effective Antibacterial Wound Dressing

Jia Xu Liu, Wen Hao Dong, Xiao Ju Mou, Guo Sai Liu, Xiao Wei Huang, Xu Yan (Corresponding Author), Cheng Feng Zhou, Shouxiang Jiang (Corresponding Author), Yun Ze Long

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    Wound dressings are an important element in promoting the healing of wounds. Electrospun fibrous materials have a highly porous structure and controllable antibacterial activity and are therefore popular as potential wound dressings. However, electrospun fibrous wound dressings are usually conveniently packaged for immediate use but cannot accommodate irregularly shaped wounds, and their misuse runs the risk of causing a secondary injury to the wound. To overcome these issues, in situ electrospun zein/thyme essential oil (TEO) nanofibrous membranes are proposed as a potential type of wound dressing and applied for wound management through an in situ electrospinning process, which uses a portable electrospinning device. The as-spun zein/TEO membranes show high gas permeability up to 154 ± 20.9 m2/s and superhydrophilicity with a 0° contact angle. With the addition of TEO, good antibacterial effects are also imparted onto the membrane to prevent infection. Moreover, the in situ electrospinning can directly deposit the zein/TEO membranes onto the site of the wound to accommodate the shape of the wound with increased convenience and perceived comfort. Experiments carried out on mice suggest that the in situ electrospun zein/TEO membrane greatly promotes the wound healing process within 11 days. The study results, therefore, suggest that wound dressings in the form of in situ electrospun zein/TEO membranes can be used to facilitate wound healing.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)302-307
    Number of pages6
    JournalACS Applied Bio Materials
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 21 Jan 2020


    • in situ electrospinning
    • portable electrospinning device
    • thyme essential oil
    • wound dressing
    • zein fiber

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    • Biomedical Engineering
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