Implementing integrated testing of Chinese language in Hong Kong secondary schools : the current situation and improvement strategies

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国际上日益重视语文综合测试,而香港率先在公开考试的中文科中恒常采用"聆听+阅读+写作"综合测试。通过对来自香港11所学校的教师问卷(79位)与访谈(7位)发现,中学教师普遍认同语文综合测试,但在编制测试、客观评定学生的表现、相应调整教学等方面仍存在不少困难。为了使实施取得更好的成效,教师应认识语文综合测试的性质,提升发展综合语文任务、评估量规的专业素养,创设条件引导学生自评与互评,循序渐进地指导学生学习。||Integrated language testing is receiving increasing attention in the international field of languageassessment,and Hong Kong is the first region where the "listening-reading-writing" integrated assessment is included asa regular component in the public examination of Chinese subject. Having investigated teachers from 11 Hong Kongsecondary schools through questionnaires(n=79)and interviews(n=7),the present study found that:first,teachersgenerally accept and agree with this new-type testing while they are encountering significant difficulties in developing testinstruments,assessing students’ performance and adjusting teaching strategy accordingly;second,based on theevaluation concept of Assessment for Learning(Af L)and the implementation situation,we suggest that teachers shouldadopt strategies which include developing integrated tasks and rubrics,cultivating and evaluating objectively students’ competencies on "citation and integration" and "opinion and argument", guiding students to carry out "appreciation-suggestion" peer-evaluation with clear and concrete evaluation criteria,and developing suitable teachingsequence and pedagogy.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)114-121
Number of pages8
Journal敎育硏究 (Educational research)
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Language integrated testing
  • Assessment for Learning(AfL)
  • Improvement strategies
  • Professional development

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