Implementation and analysis of fault grouping for multi-constellation advanced RAIM

Shizhuang Wang, Yawei Zhai, Cheng Chi, Xingqun Zhan, Yiping Jiang

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The aviation community is pursuing multi-constellation Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (ARAIM) to offer safe aircraft navigation services. The computational issue of ARAIM becomes critical when multiple constellations are involved and Fault Exclusion (FE) is enabled. This paper proposes an implementation of fault grouping to improve the efficiency of multi-constellation ARAIM and to benefit navigation performance. To potentially accommodate most ARAIM services, we consider both ARAIM Fault Detection (FD) and ARAIM Fault Detection and Exclusion (FDE) scenarios. In addition, given the difference between Vertical ARAIM (V-ARAIM) and Horizontal ARAIM (H-ARAIM), the implementation steps of fault grouping for V-ARAIM and H-ARAIM are respectively described. More importantly, unlike most of the prior approaches that were limited to dual-constellation scenarios, our implementation can support up to four constellations. The implementation of fault grouping is evaluated using multiple sets of simulations, which are carried out as a function of the number of constellations, prior fault probabilities, error models, and operational services. The results suggest that in most cases, the proposed implementation of fault grouping can effectively reduce the ARAIM computational load while benefiting or maintaining the navigation performance.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4765-4786
Number of pages22
JournalAdvances in Space Research
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2023


  • Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (ARAIM)
  • Continuity
  • Fault Detection and Exclusion (FDE)
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)
  • Integrity

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  • Atmospheric Science
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