Impact of Community Service Arrangements on Volunteer Intention, Responsibility, and Satisfaction among Hong Kong Adolescents

Henry Wai Hang Ling, Wing Hong Chui, Joseph Wu, Vincent Wan Ping Lee

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This study examines the effect of community service arrangements on secondary school students in Hong Kong under the Other Learning Experiences (OLE) component of the New Senior Secondary (NSS) Curriculum. Previous literature has indicated the importance of arrangements and modes of volunteer services on the positive experiences of individual volunteers. A total of 1,046 secondary school students from seven schools in Hong Kong were recruited to participate in a self-administered survey; they were split into two groups–students from schools providing relatively structured service programs, and students from schools providing relatively unstructured service programs. The results of bivariate analyses showed that students from the schools that provided structured service programs tended to score higher in their future volunteering intention, sense of responsibility, and satisfaction with volunteering. The multivariate analyses showed that after controlling for age, gender, and class of the students, previous volunteer experience was positively correlated to volunteer satisfaction, level of responsibility, and intention to volunteer in future. On the other hand, friends’ modeling was positively correlated to both volunteer satisfaction and level of responsibility. The type of volunteer service was not correlated to either of the dependent variables. Those making service arrangements for school personnel, volunteer managers, and social workers are thus advised to take note of the advantage of ensuring the retention of volunteers and their service sustainability for the enhancement of their satisfaction, sense of responsibility, and volunteering intention, as well as the role of peers in facilitating volunteers in becoming more productive from volunteering.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Social Service Research
Publication statusPublished - 5 May 2021


  • Community service arrangement
  • responsibility
  • volunteer intention
  • volunteer management
  • volunteer satisfaction

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