HREM observation of secondary phase particles Zr(Fe,Cr)2 in oxide scale of zircaloy-4

Cong Li, Bangxin Zhou, Zhi Miao, Jiyan Dai

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The secondary phase particles Zr(Fe,Cr)2 embaded in the formed oxide scale on the surface of an oxidized zircaloy-4 were characterized by means of TEM and HREM. The Zircaloy-4 has been oxidized in superheated steam vapour at 10. 3 MPa at 400°C for 14 days forming an oxide scale of thickness around 1. 9 μm. The results showed that on the periphery of the particle Zr(Fe,Cr)2 an oxide with the formula of Zr6(Fe,Cr)3O was observed, which showed a coherent relationship with the particle Zr(Fe,Cr)2. Further outward there was a mixture of cubic ZrO2 and metallic phase α-Fe(Cr), e. g. the mixture laid between the cubic Zr6(Fe,Cr)3O and the monolithic oxide ZrO2, the later originated from the matrix of the zircaloy-4. The influence of the secondary phase particles on the oxidation behavior of the alloy is also discussed.
Original languageEnglish
JournalCorrosion Science and Protection Technology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 1996
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  • Oxidation
  • Secondary phase particales
  • Zircaloy-4
  • Zr(Fe,Cr) 2

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