High-Yield Exfoliation of Ultrathin 2D Ni3Cr2P2S9 and Ni3Cr2P2Se9 Nanosheets

Zhuangchai Lai, Apoorva Chaturvedi, Zhenyu Shi, Jiangqi Zhao, Thu Ha Tran, Bo Chen, Ying Huang, Xiehong Cao, Qiyuan He, Zhiyuan Zeng, Chaoliang Tan, Hua Zhang

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Multinary layered 2D nanomaterials can exhibit distinct physicochemical properties and innovative applications as compared to binary 2D nanomaterials due to their unique crystal structures. However, it still remains a challenge for the high-yield preparation of high-quality multinary 2D nanosheets. Here, the high-yield and large-scale production of two quaternary metal thiophosphate nanosheets are reported, i.e., Ni3Cr2P2S9 and Ni3Cr2P2Se9, via the liquid exfoliation of their layered bulk crystals. The exfoliated single-crystalline Ni3Cr2P2S9 nanosheets, with a lateral size ranging from a few hundred nanometers to a few micrometers and thickness of 1.4 ± 0.2 nm, can be easily used to prepare flexible thin films via a simple vacuum filtration process. As a proof-of-concept application, the fabricated thin film is used as a supercapacitor electrode with good specific capacitance. These high-yield, large-scale, solution-processable quaternary metal thiophosphate nanosheets could also be promising in other applications like biosensors, cancer therapies, and flexible electronics.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2006866
Issue number14
Publication statusPublished - 8 Apr 2021


  • nanosheets
  • Ni Cr P S
  • Ni Cr P Se
  • quaternary metal thiophosphates
  • supercapacitors

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