Greater China Public Transportation Futures 2030 - Stations and Interchanges

Joern Henning Buehring

Research output: Creative and literary works / consulting reports / case studiesConsulting or contract research report


Drawing from varying futures thinking perspectives in Design and Foresight disciplines, this research and Masterclass workshop is designed to introduce a selected group of MDes students to futures thinking and foresight theories and techniques. Design and Interdisciplinary Workshop participants will then frame a set of issues and objectives, and scan medium to long-term time horizons for theme-based information. Early signs of change will inform a preferable and desirable “Station and Interchanges 2030” future. While interacting with experts in Foresight and Transportation, critical insights and practical considerations made available from ARUP [and the MTR Corporation], will help ‘Design Foresight’ students envision implications, concepts, prototypes, and relevant forms of visualizations [Posters, Presentations, and Concept Video/Animations].
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputPrinted matter
Publication statusPublished - 25 Jun 2018


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