J.F. Miao, Y.R. Sun, Wu Chen, J.Y. Liu, C.W. Hu

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针对传统GPS软件接收机实时性差的问题,深入研究了基于双核处理器的并行信号搜索、跟踪以及伪距定位等关键技术,提出GPS软件接收机并行处理方法.在搜索过程中,采取并行处理技术并实时优化搜索范围,利用相位关系进行解算,有效克服了相关法求解精频速度慢的缺点.在跟踪环路中,研究载波/码相位跟踪环路并行独立处理技术,通过深入分析二阶跟踪环路性能,优化设计参数,使接收机具备较好的动态性能的同时,能够将噪声的影响降到最低.最后在Matlab环境下设计了算法应用程序,将实测数据对算法进行验证.结果表明:与传统的串行处理算法相比,该方法可使信号处理效率提高30%以上,各项输出指标均达到单点伪距定位要求.||In view of the inability of real time processing in conventional GPS software receivers,a GPS signal parallel processing algorithm is proposed based on dual core processors.Algorithmic modules in GPS software receivers including signal acquisition,tracking loop and pseudo-range position are analyzed.A parallel processing acquisition algorithm which includes a parallel processing and real-time optimization is studied.In the tracking loop, a separate carrier and CA code phase tracking loop are designed.An optimized bandwidth algorithm is described based on a mathematical analysis,which leads to better dynamic performance and less noise vulnerability of the receiver.The GPS software receiver is validated in computer simulation.Comparison with real testing data shows that the proposed method can improve processing ability at least by 30%,satisfying the requirements of the single point pseudo-range positioning approach.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)203-209
Number of pages7
Journal應用科學學報 (Journal of applied sciences)
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • Global positioning system
  • Software receiver
  • CA code correlation
  • Carrier tracking loop

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