P. Zhong, L.G. Yuan, Xiaoli Ding

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信号衍射和多路径效应是限制GPS定位精度进一步提高的瓶颈,观测中两者往往同时存在。衍射效应具有不完全重复的特性,为了研究多路径重复性并使其不受信号衍射的影响,本文提出先应用SIGMA-Δ信噪比加权模型削弱信号衍射的影响,再运用改进恒星时滤波法分析多路径重复性。实验观测资料分析表明,SIGMA-Δ模型能有效削弱衍射信号对定位结果影响,并且保留主要的多路径信号;而改进恒星时滤波法能适应测站周围多路径环境的变化,从而最大限度地削减多路径误差。两者组合比传统的恒星时滤波更能有效提高GPS的动态定位精度。||Signal diffraction and multipath disturbance are bottleneck problems that limit accuracy of Global Positioning System(GPS) positioning,both of which tend to exist simultaneously.However,the day-to-day repeatability of signal diffraction is not obvious.To take advantage of the day-to-day repeating property of GPS multipath signals and make it not affected by diffraction effects,this paper used the stochastic SIGMA-Δ model to reduce the effects of signal diffraction and then applied the modified sidereal filtering to analyze the multipath repeatability.Experiments with real GPS observations showed that the SIGMA-Δ model could achieve a balance between reducing the diffraction effects and keeping the main multipath signals.The modified sidereal filtering used time-varying and site-dependent shifts to fully mitigate the multipath errors.It was shown that integrating the two techniques was more effective in improving the dynamic GPS accuracy than the traditional sidereal filtering.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)43-45
Number of pages3
Journal測繪科技動態 (Development in surveying and mapping)
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2010


  • GPS
  • Multipath effects
  • Diffraction
  • Repeatability
  • Modified sidereal filtering(MSF)

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