Global Crust-Mantle Density Contrast Estimated from EGM2008, DTM2008, CRUST2.0, and ICE-5G

Robert Tenzer, Hamayun, Pavel Novák, Vladislav Gladkikh, Peter Vajda

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We compute globally the consolidated crust-stripped gravity disturbances/anomalies. These refined gravity field quantities are obtained from the EGM2008 gravity data after applying the topographic and crust density contrasts stripping corrections computed using the global topography/bathymetry model DTM2006. 0, the global continental ice-thickness data ICE-5G, and the global crustal model CRUST2. 0. All crust components density contrasts are defined relative to the reference crustal density of 2,670 kg/m3. We demonstrate that the consolidated crust-stripped gravity data have the strongest correlation with the crustal thickness. Therefore, they are the most suitable gravity data type for the recovery of the Moho density interface by means of the gravimetric modelling or inversion. The consolidated crust-stripped gravity data and the CRUST2. 0 crust-thickness data are used to estimate the global average value of the crust-mantle density contrast. This is done by minimising the correlation between these refined gravity and crust-thickness data by adding the crust-mantle density contrast to the original reference crustal density of 2,670 kg/m3. The estimated values of 485 kg/m3(for the refined gravity disturbances) and 481 kg/m3(for the refined gravity anomalies) very closely agree with the value of the crust-mantle density contrast of 480 kg/m3, which is adopted in the definition of the Preliminary Reference Earth Model (PREM). This agreement is more likely due to the fact that our results of the gravimetric forward modelling are significantly constrained by the CRUST2. 0 model density structure and crust-thickness data derived purely based on methods of seismic refraction.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1663-1678
Number of pages16
JournalPure and Applied Geophysics
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2012
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  • Crust
  • density contrast
  • forward modelling
  • gravity
  • mantle
  • moho discontinuity

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