Fuzzy Theory in the Prediction of Athletes' Competitive State Based on Information Security

Jian Song, Junpei Zhong (Corresponding Author)

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In today's highly competitive market, a large number of high-tech products have been used by the athletesin various academic competitions. At present, a large number of athletes have used their own rigorous theories to predict the effects of modern games. In this study, the fuzzy theory calculation method based on information security is used to install related detection equipment on athletes. Through long-term data collection, the data is input into the computing system. After analysis, we can get the athlete's body cycle, 6 days is a short cycle, 28 days is a medium cycle, and 128 days is a long cycle. Through the adjustment of training items and training time, the athlete's competitive state can be adjusted to achieve good results in the competition. This article also tested and experimentally studied the differences in the emotions and mental states of the athletes in coping with the competition, and tested the mental states of the two groups of athletes before the start of the competition. The results showed that the data for active response, balanced response, and negative response were 36%, 32%, and 32%, respectively. Under the coach's guidance and persuasion, the data on athletes' coping styles from negative to positive has been significantly improved, reaching 67%. The experiments of this research prove that through the use of fuzzy theory based on information security and related high-tech equipment, it is possible to effectively predict and adjust the athlete's competitive state. Before the arrival of important events, adjust the training intensity from the 6-day and 28-day cycles to make the athletes' competitive state reach the expected excellent condition.

Original languageEnglish
Article number6554082
JournalMobile Information Systems
Publication statusPublished - 10 Aug 2022

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