Fuzzy preference programming framework for functional assessment of subway networks

Mona Abouhamad, Tarek Zayed

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The 2019 Canadian Infrastructure report card identified 60% of the subway system to be in a very poor to a poor condition. With multiple assets competing for the limited fund, new methodologies are required to prioritize assets for rehabilitation. The report suggested that adopting an Asset Management Plan would assist municipalities in maintaining and operating infrastructure effectively. ISO 55000 emphasized the importance of risk assessment in assessing the value of an organization's assets. Subway risk assessment models mainly focus on structural failures with minimum focus on functional failure impacts and network criticality attributes. This research presents two modules to measure the functional failure impacts of a subway network, given financial, social, and operational perspectives, in addition to the station criticality. The model uses the Fuzzy Analytical Network Process with application to Fuzzy Preference Programming to calculate the weights for seven failure impact attributers and seven criticality attributes. Data are collected using questionnaires and unstructured/structured interviews with municipality personnel. The analysis identified social impacts to have the highest score of 38%, followed by operational and financial impacts at 34% and 27.65%, respectively. The subway station criticality revealed station location to have the highest impact at 35%, followed by station nature of use and station characteristics at 30.5% and 31.82%, respectively. When integrated with probability of failure, this model provides a comprehensive risk index to optimize stations for rehabilitation.

Original languageEnglish
Article number220
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2020


  • Criticality index
  • Fuzzy ANP
  • Fuzzy preference programming
  • Impacts of failure
  • Infrastructure assets
  • Subway network

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