Fretting wear behavior of laser surface melted NiTi shape memory alloy

Chunhua Zhang, Zhuo Zhang, Song Zhang, Zhong Han, Hau Chung Man

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Laser surface melting (LSM) on the surface of Ni-Ti shape memory alloy (SMA) was fabricated with a continuous wave Nd-YAG laser. The fretting behavior of NiTi LSM layer was investigated with a SRV III friction and wear tester. The surface morphologies and die component of wear debris were analysed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive spectroscope (EDS). The wear depth was measured with a surface profiler, and die wear volume was also calculated. The results show that the friction coefficient and the wear volume of NiTi LSM are lower than those of NiTi alloy, laser surface melting improves the fretting wear resistance of NiTi alloy, the fretting wear mechanism of NiTi alloy is mainly grain abrasive and oxidation, and the fretting wear mechanism of NiTi LSM is fatigue flake mechanism and grain abrasive.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
JournalHanjie Xuebao/Transactions of the China Welding Institution
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2008


  • Fretting wear
  • Laser surface melting
  • NiTi shape memory alloy
  • Wear mechanism

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  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering

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