Field emission from mixture of single-walled carbon nanotubes and polyaniline

Ligang Yu, Yang Chai, Gengmin Zhang

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Field emission of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) and polyaniline mixture was studied. We first dissolved the SWC-NTs and polyaniline in N-methy-2-pyrrolidone (NMP). Next, we put a few drops of the solution on Si wafer and apply electrical field normal to the wafer surface. Finally let it dry for several days in air. Large number of small islands, 2-5 μm in diameter, formed uniformly on the wafer surface. The onset field of the islands in field emission was found to be 8.1 V/μm. Interesting finding is that no screening effect was observed on phosphorus screen, and its field emission is better than that of the continuous film. Moreover, external electric field applied in film growth considerably improves its field emission characteristics.
Original languageEnglish
JournalZhenkong Kexue yu Jishu Xuebao/Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology
Issue numberSUPPL.
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2005
Externally publishedYes


  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Enhancement factor of electric field
  • Field emission
  • Onset field
  • Polyaniline

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  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Surfaces and Interfaces


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