Fiducial-aided robust positioning of optical freeform surfaces

Shixiang Wang, Chi Fai Cheung, Mingjun Ren, Mingyu Liu

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Form characterization of a machined optical freeform surface demands accurate alignment of the sampled measured data points on the machined surface, and they are compared with the designed geometry of the surface through positioning. In this paper, a fiducial-aided robust positioning method (FAPM) is developed which attempts to evaluate freeform surfaces with high efficiency and precision. The FAPM method makes use of fiducials as reference datum to form a fiducial-aided computer-aided design (FA-CAD) of the freeform surface which not only establishes an inherent surface feature, but also links the different coordinate systems among design coordinate frame, machine tool, and measurement instrument. To verify the capability of the proposed method, a series of experiments were conducted. Compared with the traditional freeform measurement method (e.g., least squares method), the results indicate that the robustness and accuracy of the measurement is significantly enhanced by the FAPM.

Original languageEnglish
Article number52
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 30 Jan 2018


  • Fiducials
  • Freeform surface
  • Positioning
  • Precision metrology
  • Robustness

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  • Mechanical Engineering
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