Ferroic materials for smart systems: From fundamentals to device applications

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This book covers the fundamental physics, fabrication methods, and applications of ferroic materials and covers bulk, thin films, and nanomaterials. It provides a thorough overview of smart materials and systems involving the interplays among the mechanical strain, electrical polarization, magnetization, as well as heat and light. Materials presented include ferroelectric, multiferroic, piezoelectric, electrostrictive, magnetostrictive, and shape memory materials as well as their composites. The book also introduces various sensor and transducer applications, such as ultrasonic transducers, surface acoustic wave devices, microwave devices, magneto-electric devices, infrared detectors and memories. Ferroic Materials for Smart Systems: Fabrication, Devices and Applications introduces advanced measurement and testing techniques in ferroelectrics, including FeRAM and ferroelectric tunnelling based resistive switching. It also looks at ferroelectricity in emerging materials, such as 2D materials and high-k gate dielectric material HfO2. Engineering considerations for device design and fabrication are examined, as well as applications for magnetostrictive devices. Multiferroics of materials possessing both ferromagnetic and ferroelectric orders is covered, along with ferroelastic materials represented by shape memory alloy and magnetic shape memory alloys. -Brings together physics, fabrication, and applications of ferroic materials in a coherent manner -Discusses recent advances in ferroic materials technology and applications -Covers dielectric, ferroelectric, pyroelectric and piezoelectric materials -Introduces electrostrictive materials and magnetostrictive materials -Examines shape memory alloys and magneto-shape-memory alloys -Introduces devices based on the integration of ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials such as multiferroic memory device and ME coupling device for sensor applications Ferroic Materials for Smart Systems: Fabrication, Devices and Applications will appeal to a wide variety of researchers and developers in physics, materials science and engineering.

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Publication statusPublished - 3 Jan 2020

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