Fatigue performance of screw-fastened light-gauge-steel roofing sheets

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When subjected to strong sustained fluctuating wind uplift, screw-fastened light-gauge-steel profiled roofing sheets may fail locally in the vicinity of fasteners by cracking due to fatigue, resulting in the sheeting being pulled free of the fastener. A series of fatigue tests was performed on three types of commonly used profiled roofing sheets to investigate their fatigue performance and profile effects under both constantamplitude repeated loads and simulated uplifting wind loads. The sheeting profiles considered were arctangent, trapezoidal, and ribbed, and an alternate (or equivalent alternate) sheeting crest-fastening system was adopted. It was found that the fatigue performance of roofing sheets greatly depends on their profiles. The fatigue resistance of the arctangent type of sheeting to low-amplitude repeated loads was found to be higher than those of the other two types of roofing sheets. However, the situation is reversed under high-amplitude repeated loads. The linear and bilinear S-N curves on a log-log plot were used, respectively, to fit the experimental data, and the Goodman method was employed to approximately account for the effect of mean load. Load-sequence effects and the application of Miner's rule to the fatigue-life prediction of screw-fastened profiled roofing sheets under simulated wind loads were also investigated.
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JournalJournal of Structural Engineering (United States)
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