Experimental investigations into stocky composite columns of concrete-filled circular S690 steel tubes under compression

Pengfei Men, H. C. Ho, X. H. Zhou, K. F. Chung

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Composite columns of concrete-filled steel tubes (CFSTs) are very efficient in providing large structural resistances and rigidities. However, high strength S690 steel tubes are not covered in current design codes. Therefore, a series of experimental investigations into stocky composite columns with circular CFSTs under compression were conducted. A total of 21 stocky composite columns with different tube diameters and thicknesses made of Grades S355, S460 and S690 steel and Grade C60/75 concrete were tested under different loading conditions. Moreover, extensive measurements on the surface strains of the steel tubes were made during tests. Data analyses on the test results reveal that all composite columns exhibit enhanced section resistances and ductility at large deformations, indicating that the use of S690 steel and C60/75 concrete in these composite columns are highly efficient. A simple method for determining confining pressures provided by the steel tubes to the concrete cores in these composite columns is proposed, which involves a systematic analysis on the measured data and the use of von Mises yielding criterion without any complicated plasticity formulation. Based on the proposed method, the resistance contributions of both the steel tubes and the concrete cores are successfully quantified. Comparison between the measured and the predicted resistances using EN 1994–1-1 of these composite columns reveals that while the section resistances of these composite columns are safely predicted, the resistances of the steel tubes are underpredicted while those of the concrete cores are overpredicted correspondingly. The findings highlight the need to improve the predictability of the current design rules, and to give increased resistances of the steel tubes when high strength S690 steel tubes are used.

Original languageEnglish
Article number118016
JournalEngineering Structures
Publication statusPublished - 15 Jun 2024


  • Circular concrete-filled steel tube
  • Compression tests
  • Confining pressure
  • High strength steel
  • Resistance mobilization
  • Stocky composite columns

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  • Civil and Structural Engineering


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