Experimental and numerical research on shear performance of GFRP bar reinforced seawater sea-sand concrete deep beams without stirrups

Zhiquan Xing, Yao Zhu, Yongbo Shao, Enlin Ma, Kwok Fai Chung, Yu Chen

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Using glass fibre-reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars to reinforce seawater sea-sand concrete (SWSSC) is a feasible way to replace traditional concrete structures. Thus, this paper aims to understand the shear response of GFRP bar-reinforced SWSSC (GFRP-SWSSC) deep beams. Experimental and numerical programs were carried out on four-point shear tests of GFRP-SWSSC deep beams without stirrups. Seventy specimens were tested to investigate the effects of key parameters on shear responses, including concrete categories, seashell content, section heights, and GFRP bar diameter. The test results indicated that the cracking strength of GFRP-SWSSC deep beams was slightly higher than ordinary concrete deep beams. The increased section height of GFRP-SWSSC deep beams and the decreased shell content remarkably enhanced the stiffness and shear ultimate strength. The corresponding finite element model (FEM) of GFRP-SWSSC specimens was established and validated by comparison with test results. Further, three guidelines predictions for the shear strength of GFRP-SWSSC beams were too conservative. The new design formulae derived from modified tension-compression theory were put forward to evaluate the shear strength of GFRP-SWSSC deep beams, and the comparisons demonstrated that the proposed design formulae achieved sufficient accurate predictions for practical engineering. Based on research on shear performance, the hybrid GFRP-SWSSC structure is a feasible solution to resource shortages, which provides a promising application prospect in marine engineering.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere03142
JournalCase Studies in Construction Materials
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2024


  • FEM
  • GFRP bar
  • Seashell content
  • Seawater sea-sand concrete (SWSSC)
  • Shear performance

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  • Materials Science (miscellaneous)


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