Experiences of probation supervision in Hong Kong: Listening to the young adult probationers

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The aim of this article is to report some of the qualitative findings generated from a recent research on probation in Hong Kong. It explores subjective views and experiences of probation supervision from the young adult offender's point of view. Recently there was an increasing emphasis on probation research and improvement, thereby identifying what works or otherwise in rehabilitating offenders and reducing their re-offending. Nonetheless, the role of offenders was largely neglected as service recipients or 'customers' in commenting on the usefulness of a penal measure. Offenders are excluded from being asked for their opinions as citizens. Conversely, this study allowed probationers to talk about their experiences of probation supervision in Hong Kong in semi-structured interviews. Their first-hand accounts indicated that probationers had much to contribute to the evaluation process and their voices should be heard by practitioners and policymakers in order to improve probation practice.

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JournalJournal of Criminal Justice
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