Examination of bifurcation of the non-linear dynamics in buck-boost converters with input capacitor rectifier

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The exact formulation based on stroboscopic discrete maps is used to investigate the dynamical behaviours of the peak current-programmed buck-boost AC-DC converters using simple capacitor rectifier. The impact of the input capacitor on the dynamics of the converters is shown. Fast-scale instability and the relationship between the periodicity of the intermittent behaviours and input line cycle are reviewed under the condition of using input capacitor rectifier. Finally, a detailed investigation of input capacitor on the stable border in the buck-boost converters is studied and the Jacobian derivation has also been used to predict the border of the bifurcation. Experimental results are given to verify the analysis and simulation, which are very useful for the prediction of stable boundary and design of input filter in the power electronics systems.
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JournalIET Power Electronics
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2011

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