Evolution of Electronic Procurement: Contemporary Review of Adoption and Implementation Strategies

Albert P.C. Chan, Emmanuel Kingsford Owusu

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Since the advent of the first form of electronic procurement (EP), the procurement process (i.e., the stages and underlying activities) has evolved to transform the world of commerce significantly. In the construction industry, EP has revolutionized the operational schema of traditional procurement and has paved the way for the development, advancement, and application of more intelligent tools for handling and executing procurement activities of infrastructure‐related works. Although the development or adoption of EP‐related tools has not been encouraging due to the industry’s conservative nature, in this study, we review the evolution and developments of EP to date. It explores the adoption and implementation strategies of extant and projected EP developments and develops a conceptual framework to explicate the developmental transitions of EP. While there are many studies on EP, there is still a long way to transition into a more intelligent execution of EP‐related activities. A total of 64 EP‐related manuscripts and other valuable studies were examined to realize the stipulated objective as well as identify the thematic constructs developed under the subject matter. The explorations conducted in this study are intended to contribute to the understanding of the extant discussion on both EP and smart procurement (SP), their adoption strategies, implementation, and applications in infrastructure projects. It elucidates the significant constructs that define and underpin the theoretical implications of EP and SP adoption and implementation. Lastly, the framework highlights the projected developments and transition phases of EP to intelligent procurement (IP).

Original languageEnglish
Article number198
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2022


  • Adoption
  • Electronic procurement
  • Green or sustainable procurement
  • Implementation
  • Intelligent procurement

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