Evaluating the Influence of Generative AI Misuse on the Shaping of Student Academic Writing

Man Ching Mary Cheng

Research output: Unpublished conference presentation (presented paper, abstract, poster)Conference presentation (not published in journal/proceeding/book)Teaching and learningpeer-review


The popularity of employing Generative AI (GenAI) has provided new writing assistance tool but also risk of misapplication. On the one hand, integrating the use of GenAI in writing process are considered to enhance students’ language use, alleviate their research process and assist clarifying their ideas (Chan & Hu, 2023; Malik et al., 2023). On the other hand, this new tool could create plagiarised or outsourced assignments. Current research on AI policy, safety issues, fairness and ethnicity have received more attention than how AI might shape students’ writing. This study seeks to analyse potential effects of GenAI misuse on students’ academic essay.
Samples of student academic essays flagged for GenAI integration were collected from a university in Hong Kong. Based on the linguistic, structural and referencing criteria, with reference to Hyland’s (2018) notions, this study analyses atypical writing patterns indicative of heavy GenAI influence. Preliminary analysis of these AI generated scripts showed repetitive sentence structures, intensive use of transitional markers, formulaic colloquial referencing structures, and lacking authorial voice and critical reasoning.
This presentation seeks to open discussion on identifying potential skills or understanding gaps, and explore appropriate GenAI pedagogical integration. With growing GenAI accessibility, how this new media could shape students writing is important to be investigated in higher education.

Chan, C. K. Y., & Hu, W. (2023). Students’ voices on generative AI: perceptions, benefits, and challenges in higher education. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 20(1). https://doi.org/10.1186/s41239-023-00411-8
Hyland, K. (2018). The essential Hyland : studies in applied linguistics. Bloomsbury Academic.
Malik, A. R., Pratiwi, Y., Andajani, K., Numertayasa, I. W., Suharti, S., Darwis, A., & Marzuki. (2023). Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Academic Essay: Higher Education Student’s Perspective. International Journal of Educational Research Open, 5. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijedro.2023.100296
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusNot published / presented only - 15 Jun 2024
EventSheffield for the Literacies and Language
Conference 2024
- University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Duration: 14 Jun 202415 Jun 2024


ConferenceSheffield for the Literacies and Language
Conference 2024
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
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  • Generative AI text
  • authorial style
  • academic writing


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