Energy storage and management system design optimization for a photovoltaic integrated low-energy building

Jia Liu, Xi Chen, Hongxing Yang, Yutong Li

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This study aims to analyze and optimize the photovoltaic-battery energy storage (PV-BES) system installed in a low-energy building in China. A novel energy management strategy considering the battery cycling aging, grid relief and local time-of-use pricing is proposed based on TRNSYS. Both single-criterion and multi-criterion optimizations are conducted by comprehensively considering technical, economic and environmental performances of the system based on decision-making strategies including the weighted sum and minimum distance to the utopia point methods. The single-criterion optimizations achieve superior performances in the energy supply, battery storage, utility grid and whole system aspect respectively over the existing scenario of the target building. The multi-criterion optimization considering all performance indicators shows that the PV self-consumption and PV efficiency can be increased by 15.0% and 48.6% while the standard deviation of net grid power, battery cycling aging and CO2 emission can be reduced by 3.4%, 78.5% and 34.7% respectively. The significance and impact of design parameters are further quantified by both local and global sensitivity analyses. This study can provide references for the optimum energy management of PV-BES systems in low-energy buildings and guide the renewable energy and energy storage system design to achieve higher penetration of renewable applications into urban areas.

Original languageEnglish
Article number116424
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2020


  • Battery energy storage
  • Energy management
  • Optimization
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Solar photovoltaic

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