Emotion design, emotional design, emotionalize design: A review on their relationships from a new perspective

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Many design researchersand scholars have focused on differentaspects of design and emotion in recentyears. Various studies, models and theorieshave been proposed and adopted in orderto explore the relationship between designand emotion and its responses, and toexplain how emotion could be applied indesign effectively.Researchers have also developeddifferent perspectives to understandwhat emotional design should be and the role ofemotion in design. Some of them have consideredemotion design as a tool that designers can use todeliver their messages and emotions, while othershave believed that it is a kind of experience andresponse when an individual is using an object.Meanwhile, some researchers have regardedemotional design as a means to establish consumerexpression, and as a representation of the users'identity or personality. The relationships between'design and emotion' and 'users' responses'were preliminarily explored. Another similar term,emotionalize design, has been used to explain howemotions play an explicit role in design reflection,rationality and feeling. Few studies, however,have been carried out to explore the relationshipbetween these terms, what they actually mean intheir own role and how they interact with each otherin the big picture of design and emotion.This paper aims to explore and illustrate thebasic concepts and definitions of emotion design,emotional design and emotionalize design to helpus further understand how these are closely relatedto human-oriented design activities. It will introduceand review these concepts, and explore theirrelationships from a new perspective. Based onthese insights and analysis, a new model conceptwill be described to identify their differences bydefining their meanings, in which both designersand users play an important role.
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  • Emotion design
  • Emotional design
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