Emergy analysis and sustainability efficiency analysis of different crop-based biodiesel in life cycle perspective

Jingzheng Ren, Alessandro Manzardo, Anna Mazzi, Andrea Fedele, Antonio Scipioni

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Biodiesel as a promising alternative energy resource has been a hot spot in chemical engineering nowadays, but there is also an argument about the sustainability of biodiesel. In order to analyze the sustainability of biodiesel production systems and select the most sustainable scenario, various kinds of crop-based biodiesel including soybean-, rapeseed-, sunflower-, jatropha- and palm-based biodiesel production options are studied by emergy analysis; soybean-based scenario is recognized as the most sustainable scenario that should be chosen for further study in China. DEA method is used to evaluate the sustainability efficiencies of these options, and the biodiesel production systems based on soybean, sunflower, and palm are considered as DEA efficient, whereas rapeseed-based and jatropha-based scenarios are needed to be improved, and the improved methods have also been specified.
Original languageEnglish
Article number918514
JournalThe Scientific World Journal
Publication statusPublished - 11 Jun 2013
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