Electrochemical desorption of n-alkylthiol SAMs on polycrystalline gold: Studies using a ferrocenylalkylthiol probe

Yoon Suk Lee, R. Bruce Lennox

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The reductive voltammetric desorption of n-alkylthiol self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) was studied using ferrocenyldodecanethiol (FcC12SH) as a probe. A short (10 s) incubation in a 2 mM FcC12SH solution labels the pre-existing defect sites present in a tetradecanethiol (C 14S-Au) SAM. Additional defects in a C14S-Au SAM are then created by voltammetric cycling to reductive potentials. The effects of changing the desorption potential and the hold time at the desorption potential were investigated by monitoring the change in the two characteristic FcC 12S-Au peaks. These two peaks are associated with FcC 12S-Au filling individual single site defects (peak I at 260 mV) and pinhole defects (peak II at 380 mV). The reductive desorption potential applied to a binary (FcC12S-/C14S-Au) SAM results in a partial desorption and a potential "remixing" of the phase-separated state.
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Publication statusPublished - 2 Jan 2007
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