Elastomer Composites with High Damping and Low Thermal Resistance via Hierarchical Interactions and Regulating Filler

Xiangliang Zeng, Yu Zhou, Xinnian Xia, Jianfeng Fan, Shipeng Rao, Linlin Ren, Xi Shen, Rong Sun, Xiaoliang Zeng

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Modern microelectronics and emerging technologies such as wearable electronics and soft robotics require elastomers to integrate high damping with low thermal resistance to avoid damage caused by vibrations and heat accumulation. However, the strong coupling between storage modulus and loss factor makes it generally challenging to simultaneously increase both thermal conductance and damping. Here, a strategy of introducing hierarchical interaction and regulating fillers in polybutadiene/spherical aluminum elastomer composites is reported to simultaneously achieve extraordinary damping ability of tan δ > 1.0 and low thermal resistance of 0.15 cm2 K W−1, which surpasses state-of-the-art elastomers and their composites. The enhanced damping is attributed to increased energy dissipation via introducing the hierarchical hydrogen bond interactions in polybutadiene networks and the addition of spherical aluminum, which also functions as a thermally conductive filler to achieve low thermal resistance. As a proof of concept, the polybutadiene/spherical aluminum elastomer composites are used as thermal interface materials, showing effective heat dissipation for electronic devices in vibration scenarios. The combination of outstanding damping performance and extraordinary heat dissipation ability of the elastomer composites may create new opportunities for their applications in electronics.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2023


  • damping
  • elastomer composites
  • thermal resistance

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